Diabetes Counseling, Education and Support

Dietitians and Nurse Educators

One-to-one counselling, education and support with a diabetes educator (RN or RD) about managing type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. Self-management is encouraged where possible.

Social Worker

Outreach Initiatives

DECNET is involved in a number of community outreach initiatives designed to reach out to individuals who may experience barriers to health and health care access and who may also be impacted by diabetes. Attempts are therefore made to engage with people where they connect. Some examples include (but not limited to):

Diabetes Advocacy Group

The Diabetes in the Real World Committee (DRW- advocacy group) examines the broader systemic, community and world issues that impact diabetes management.

Cooking Group

Healthy and delicious meals prepared in our community kitchen with a dietitian and other people living with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. Focus is on skill development and healthy eating.

Mental Health and Diabetes Group

A hands-on, drop-in support group for anyone with Pre or Type 2 Diabetes and lived experience of the mental health system. Themes based on group interests, including content related to coping with mental health challenges and diabetes.

No registration necessary. Just show up – 4th floor SRCHC (955 Queen Street East).  

Diabetes General Assessment

A general assessment is an initial, individual appointment with a diabetes educator.

Meet with diabetes nurse educator or dietitian to:

  • learn about diabetes
  • learn about available services and programs
  • identify individual learning needs
  • establish individual goals
  • receive free glucometer and training

Chiropody (foot care)

Chiropodists treat diseases and disorders of the foot and ankle. At our centre, chiropodists are part of a team that includes doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, health promoters and dietitians. Together they work to improve a patient’s over-all health, mobility and independence. Chiropody is a regulated health profession in Ontario.

Rooftop Gardening & Wellness Program

Since 2000, SRCHC has run a rooftop garden group in the spring-fall months. In 2011/12, with the help of a grant from the Government of Ontario Healthy Communities Fund, we were able to expand the program to provide more staff support, workshops and field trips at SRCHC, Central Toronto Community Health Centre and Flemingdon Health Centre.

Diabetes Support Group & Community Kitchen (Chinese)

Informal discussions and healthy meals prepared in our community kitchen with a Chinese-speaking dietitian, nurse, and other people living with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. Caregivers are welcome. Registration required. 

Diabetes Support Groups

Meet once a month with people who share your interest and concerns about diabetes. Share tips and information, learn about community services and how to live well with diabetes. All groups are led by a registered dietitian. The topics and activities are decided by each group. Families and caregivers are welcome.

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