Diabetes Counseling, Education and Support

Dietitians and Nurse Educators

One-to-one counselling, education and support with a diabetes educator (RN or RD) about managing type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. Self-management is encouraged where possible.

Social Worker

Diabetes Counseling – Social Worker

One-to-one counselling and support with a social worker to help individuals manage prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, including mental health challenges. Instrumental assistance also provided. Must be a DECNET client to receive social work services.

Diabetes Support Group

An informal discussion group led by a registered dietitian and a peer program assistant. No set topics - topics and activities decided by participants. Families and cargivers welcome.

No registration necessary.

Urdu/Hindi Diabetes Classes

An Urdu/Hindi-speaking dietitian leads classes at the East End Community Health Centre. Family and caregivers are welcome. 4 sessions (2 ½ hours each)

Tamil Diabetes Classes

An English-speaking dietitian and diabetes nurse educator lead classes with simultaneous translation in Tamil. Family and caregivers are welcome. 1 session (4 hours)

English Diabetes Classes

A registered dietitian and diabetes nurse educator help you learn how to feel better and avoid unnecessary complications from diabetes. Family and caregivers are welcome. Childcare and TTC tickets are available on advanced request.

Classes include:

Level 1: Introduction to Diabetes Management

1 session (4 hours)

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