Multicultural Resources

This section has information and resources aimed to meet the needs of newcomers and/or people from diverse backgrounds. Take a look at the resources in the following sections:


Yoga class
Active living means making physical activity and regular exercises a part of your everyday life. In this page, you will find useful tips and resources to begin an active lifestyle as a newcomer to Toronto.
Welcome to your new home and life in Toronto! In this page, you will find useful information in different languages about everyday living.
Our indoor and outdoor environment can contain chemicals that can harm your health. In this section, you will find useful information in different languages about what you can do to avoid exposure to chemicals in your food, home and environment. These resources include information on lead in drinking water, guide to eating fish and safe use of plastics.
Caring for your family in a new land comes with both challenges and opportunities, for parents, grandparents and all other caregivers. In this section, you will find helpful information in different languages about parenting tips, children’s development, and much more.
Eating healthy does not mean you have to give up the foods you love. This section will help you learn more about food and nutrition so you can enjoy foods from your culture and explore new and healthy food options!
There are many ways to get involved in your community and with SRCHC. Here are some options to help you find what is right for you!
Learn more about the services offered at South Riverdale Community Health Centre and how you can use our services in a way that makes sense to you! We believe every person is unique and that everyone’s needs are different. Whether you are a newcomer to Canada, or have lived here for a while, you can access services that address your needs.
Get inspired by other newcomers by reading about their experiences.
Over the years, community members have been trained to run workshops on a variety of topics. Peers have been trained through the Diabetes Education Community Network of East Toronto(DECNET), and the Toronto Central Self-Management Program (TC SMP).