Environmental Health

Our indoor and outdoor environment can contain chemicals that can harm your health. In this section, you will find useful information in different languages about what you can do to avoid exposure to chemicals in your food, home and environment. These resources include information on lead in drinking water, guide to eating fish and safe use of plastics.

Asthma Basics: Triggers – Manage Your Environment

This booklet developed by the Asthma Society of Canada discusses about planning changes in the home environment to manage asthma triggers. This website also contains other useful resources.

Bed Bugs

Learn about bed bugs and what you can do to prevent and manage bed bugs.


ChemTRAC stands for “Chemicals in Toronto: Reduction and Awareness In Our Community” is a program of the City of Toronto that aims to improve public health and support a green local economy by reducing toxic chemicals in our environment.

Hidden Exposures, Reproduction & Pregnancy

Learn about hidden exposures in pregnancy.

Lead in Drinking Water

Learn about lead and its impact on health as well as ways to reducing exposure to lead in your daily lives.

Safe Fish Choices

This guide developed by the Toronto Public Health provides advice about eating fish, especially for women and girls.

Smart Plastics Guide: Healthier Food Uses of Plastics

This guide explains different labels on plastics and also healthier choices parents and children can make in using plastics in their everyday lives.

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