Grants for a Healthy Community

The Grants for a Healthy Community Program was created to provide support to and encourage initiatives that come directly from the community.

SRCHC Board of Directors has Special Purpose Fund.  The Board wishes to use some of the interest earned to support groups which pursue goals congruent with our values and beliefs.  The Grants for a Healthy Community Program will have an annual budget of approximately $3,000.  The maximum amount of any one grant will be $1,000


The group or organization wishing to apply should write a letter of request to the Board of Directors.  The letter should outline:

  •  A brief history of the group or organization applying for the  funds;
  • The nature of the project;
  • Indication of community involvement and support;
  • Explanation of how the community of South Riverdale will become a healthier place as a result of the proposed activity;
  • Total budget of the project and sources of revenue; and
  • The specific amount of the request to the Grants for a Healthy Community Program
  • Grants requests are reviewed in October and December and must be received by the 1st of these months

The program is open to requests from groups and organizations working in the South Riverdale area or from groups whose project will make a major impact on our area.

Priority will be given to new ventures or small groups without established support, or, to projects related to health advocacy.

Grants to political parties, political campaigns, or to candidates for electoral offices are not made from the Grants for a Healthy Community Program

Limitations: Since the fund is intended to generate and support new and experimental ventures no more than 2 grants will be awarded to the same group in a 4 year period