We are now a Good Food Organization!

SRCHC is pleased to announce we're now a Good Food Organization in alliance with Community Food Centres Canada furthering the Centre’s capacity to promote and provide healthy foods to community members.

Community Food Centres Canada describes a CFC’s as ‘welcoming spaces’ where all individuals are able to share in the benefits of good, healthy foods in ways such as growing, cooking, eating, learning, and advocacy. The incorporation and centering of healthy foods in a CFC is essential, rather than coincidental.

This designation reflects the vision of SRCHC, as many of our programs strive to provide individuals and families with access to healthy lifestyle options, particularly with food. Food justice is reflected in our many programs that help the community access and get education on healthy local food including gardening on the rooftop, developing cooking skills in our community kitchens, improving access to nutritional information and programming for children and families, or receiving free support for diabetes.

SRCHC prioritizes the health of its members and understands that easy access to affordable and fresh food is central to living a healthy, empowered life.