The South Riverdale Community Health Centre offers a broad range of health care services, including primary care, health promotion and illness prevention, and environmental health promotion. Priority is given to people who face barriers to services such as low literacy or income; homelessness, substance use and/or mental health issues; gender and sexual orientation; language, race and culture.

Teams of health care professionals work together to help people coping with complex health needs and social problems.

Interdisciplinary Teams

Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

Interdisciplinary team focused on chronic disease prevention, management and education.  Includes, but not limited to asthma, COPD and diabetes.

Newcomers and Families

Delivers coordinated interprofessional services that facilitate settlement and integration of newcomers to Canada by addressing immediate health needs, while building their capacity to sustain individual and community well-being. 

Organizational Health Systems Team

Organizational staff provide proactive planning, administrative, property and finance services to the Centre’s extensive programs and services. They are responsible for information technology, human resources and communications services, as well as maintenance.

Urban Health Team

We offer health promotion, social and clinical services to community members who have difficulty accessing services because of drug use, homelessness and/or mental health problems. Outreach workers work in shelters, drop-in centres and on the street, as well as at the Centre.