Children & Parenting

Programs and services for parents and caregivers of children from newborn to 6 years old. A team of professionals -- including health promoters and social workers, dietitians and nurse practitioners -- provide parenting information and support. Parents and caregivers can enjoy activities with their children and meet other caregivers. Note: some programs are offered outside the South Riverdale Community Health Centre through partner organizations.


Learn about substances that may be putting your child’s health at risk. Information and practical options, research and support for making changes in your home, school or community organization.
One-to-one counseling for parents and families who would like to talk to a social worker. Short-term only. Common issues could include: adjusting to parenthood getting enough sleep taking care of yourself dealing with stress coping with isolation child behaviour blended families parenting styles
We offer an 8-session support program for grandparents caring for grandchildren under the age of six years. Activities include: group discussions, and learning though games and interactive fun. Healthy snacks, are provided to all participants. Client information and learning needs inform the choice of topics.
Free health testing of children aged 2 to 6 years old at South Riverdale Community Health Centre (twice a year), in partnership with the Toronto District School Board and Toronto First Duty. Information and referrals for health and community services. Child must be accompanied by a parent.
A weekly, drop-in for Chinese-speaking parents or caregivers of children under one year of age, and also expectant parents. Sessions are planned and run by a inter-professional team made up of a Nurse Practitioner, Dietitian and Health Promoter. The sessions are interactive, educational, fun and provides opportunity for caregivers and their children to interact freely.
Parents and caregivers meet, take part in discussions and enjoy activities with their children. All groups are led by a health promoter, with social workers, dietitians and nurses presenting information and answering questions. 8 sessions, 2 ½ hours each. Each session includes a 30-minute discussion, as well as time to share information.
Health professionals on the early-years JumpStart team offer workshops and presentations in the community upon request. Topics include: food and nutrition health issues child development behaviour parenting