Community Action & Initiatives

Advocacy, community initiatives and partnerships are essential to promoting the health of our community. Through the South Riverdale Community Health Centre, Riverdale residents can learn about the issues and players – and get involved.


Bike and Walk Ward 30 was formerly known as the South East Toronto Bicycle User Group (SET BUG). A group of cyclists who advocate for bicycle lanes, traffic calming and good relationships among pedestrians, bicycles and cars. Ad hoc meetings and email communications for cycling advocates in the BUG network.
The Diabetes in the Real World Committee (DRW- advocacy group) examines the broader systemic, community and world issues that impact diabetes management.
The Fair Fare Coalition (FFC) is concerned about the impact that the high cost of riding the TTC has on the physical health and economic, mental and emotional well-being of people trying to get to medical appointments, job interviews, school or training programs, family or community events, food banks, etc.
Good Food Market
The Health and Strength Action Group is a group of local community members working with South Riverdale Community Health Centre on issues of poverty and health.
Furnishings and building materials, molds and cleaning products in your home, childcare, school or workplace may lead to chemical insensitivities, allergies, asthma and other adverse health effects. Workshops and presentations are available upon request. Resources:
The Leslieville-Riverdale Tree Project is neighbours talking with neighbours to improve our local tree canopy. The Project addresses a critical problem of dying mature trees in this southeast Toronto neighbourhood (Ward 30) while helping the City of Toronto meet its goals of beautification, doubling of the tree canopy and improving overall air quality.
The Plain Language Group are volunteers who review printed health information (pamphlets, posters, booklets) to make sure it is easy to read and understand. We do three things:
This group is currently dormant. The city of Toronto has initiated a Portlands planning study which will be released in early 2014. If you are interested in learning more or getting involved please email or call Paul Young (416-461-1925 ext.
The Riverdale Men's Group meets in a safe environment to address the unique challenges and issues men face in the community. Come out and enjoy a nutritious meal, converse about men related issues and how they can affect men’s health and overall well-being. This group is open to any individual who identifies as being a man over the age of eighteen.