Seniors Programs

People of all ages can be active, healthy and involved at the South Riverdale Community Health Centre. While all our adult programs are open to seniors, some programs are of particular interest.


Experienced instructor leads classes focusing on the breath, gentle movement and reducing stress. Community members aged 16 and above are welcome to join either the traditional session which comes with 24 classes and begins in April while the simplified session runs for 12 classes start in  January.
Gentle exercise for people with limited physical mobility, and adults over 55. Tai chi strengthens muscles and improves flexibility, as it improves the flow of energy and focuses the mind.
We offer an 8-session support program for grandparents caring for grandchildren under the age of six years. Activities include: group discussions, and learning though games and interactive fun. Healthy snacks, are provided to all participants. Client information and learning needs inform the choice of topics.
Adults over 55 meet the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month to discuss current issues, take part in gentle exercise, listen to speakers - and have fun! Topics may include: safety housing health issues skin care depression oral health