Prenatal Health and the Environment

Exposure to certain everyday substances in our homes, workplace and outdoor environment can have harmful effects during pregnancy. Our environmental health promoters and informal resources can help you avoid unnecessary risks.


Fact sheets, training materials, workshops and presentations

Fact sheets

Information about the potential health risks that common substances pose during pregnancy, as well as how to reduce exposure and where to get more information. Available in French and English.

Topics include:

Introduction to hidden reproductive hazards, air quality, pesticides, lead, paints and solvents, cleaning products, personal care products, mercury and plastics.

Hidden Exposures: Informing pregnant women and families about harmful environmental exposures (2009).

Training Materials:

Children’s Health and the Environment – Resources for health professionals. Training Materials produced by the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and the Environment (CPCHE). Free.

Workshops and presentations

Various topics upon request

Resources in additional languages:

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